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Awaken Your Wealth Will Help You..

  • End the unneeded uncertainty and worry - because you now have the internal resources to recreate that success at any time, in every area of your life.
  • You’ll know that you’ve broken the self-destructive patterns that stopped your growth and happiness before… 
  • And that you’re creating a legacy that your own children can follow to a brighter future. 
  • ​You’ll know that you’re applying your natural gifts and lived experiences toward the destiny you were born to fulfill - and that you will continue to be rewarded by the universe as you stay the course.
  • And finally, you’ll know that you and your family will be okay. Even through the next economic crisis.




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"Julie is a powerful and unwavering advocate for personal and financial empowerment of all people. A bright light in her field, I believe that her work has the ability to transform millions. I'm honored to know her and to be able to call her my friend."

PANACHE DESAI - Author of You Are Enough

"Julie is a powerful, authentic expression of wealth consciousness. Having mastered her own money relationship, she brilliantly shares her signature real-world technique to awaken financial freedom & personal transformation in the lives of others ."

DAVIDJI - #1 Best Selling Author

"Julie gets people and money. What makes this financial book different is Julie's understanding that saving for our future is all about human behavior. "Money is energy" Julie Points out and it's what PACT, and Julie, are all about."

CHARLES GOLDMAN - President & CEO of Assetmark INC

“Happiness is not something you find, but rather something you create”

76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, according to CNN.

3 out of every 4 of us literally depend on the arrival of that next paycheck to survive!

Even if that’s not your current situation...I’d bet the glaring reality of it, or even the flashbacks you get from having to live that way in the past...creates a lump of fear in your throat.

And when fear rises up inside you - that fear of not having enough...or of losing it all...or of having to start over...or of not being able to make it again…

...you naturally manage your money from that place of fear. 

That’s why you’re not experiencing the abundance - in wealth, joy, or fulfillment - that you expect. 

I’m offering it to you for FREE - just pick up the small shipping cost.
My approach is different from any one you’ve tried before - I guarantee it. 

You’ve most likely only been treating the symptoms of your financial problems with the advice of others... only to have them pop up again and again.

I show you how to treat the root cause.

I’m so confident that my book holds the key to unlocking your own power.

 Here Are Your Next Steps...

All I had known and experienced in life was perpetual struggle. Living in survival mode, I developed a mindset rooted in Scarcity.
All I had known and experienced in life was perpetual struggle. Living in survival mode, I developed a mindset rooted in Scarcity.
But after a lot of soul-searching...personal money experiments...research...and difficult decisions…

...I’m proud to report that I’ve finally cracked the code to achieving (and holding on to) wealth in every area of my life.

What I’ve realized through my own journey is this:

If you don’t take the time to habitually connect with your intuition...life will turn out to be a much uglier picture than the one you had in your head as a kid.


This is the secret that no one explains to us when
we start our journey in life.

Without regularly touching base with your own internal compass, feelings of loneliness, scarcity, fear, and uncertainty will creep in…

...and before you know it, they’ll take over your identity. 

From this space...whether you realize it or not...the decisions you make in 
every area of your life will be self-destructive.

No one talks to us about our intuition...why we have it...or how to use it.

In order to get the kind of life you’re after, though, you have to make your decisions from a place of strength, confidence, and resilience!  

And the only way you can do that is if you’re aligned with who you are at your core.
Like many people, I’ve been affected by family beliefs about financial struggle. But once I realized I could free myself from those old childhood beliefs about money, I created a life plan of my own choosing…

 ...one based on sound investment strategies and proven emotional and mental tools and techniques.

I’ve led a financial services and wealth management firm in Chicago, Illinois, for more than 25 years.

Real wealth is truly a state of being, achieved not only by having what you want and need, but also by something even more critical:

Feeling rich in every facet of your life - financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

WITHIN Awaken Your Wealth 


P: Picturing Yourself  
A: Accepting Your Reality and Awakening Your Authenticity 
C: Choosing to Change
T: Take Action 

The PACT process is designed to help you connect with what your heart really wants

...recognize the actions necessary to get you there, and start moving forward with commitment and consistency.

Once I employed this process myself, and experienced the massive change it brought to my life and sense of self, I shared it with my friends and clients and watched it change their lives, too.

Eventually I realized that this simple, but revolutionary process deserved to be in the hands of anyone who wanted it!

The truth, however, is captured in these wise words from Zig Ziglar

Happiness is not something you find, but rather something you create

 There Is No Time To Waste...

You’ve most likely only been treating the symptoms of your financial problems with the advice of others... 

only to have them pop up again and again.

The Awaken Your Wealth’s PACT process provides you with a process to revamp your relationship with money...the feat I proudly accomplished in my own life and can now offer others. 

If your money isn't providing you with what you want in your life...you need to change your 

energy surrounding it.

One of the main principles behind PACT is that whatever money you do have, you must use it purposefully to create the life you want.

So by now you might be thinking...“I’ve heard this all before, and I’m skeptical”.  

There are a lot of “quick and easy” fixes on the market.

Maybe you’ve been burned by some of them, or maybe you just didn’t see them move the needle the way they promised to.

My book isn’t one of those quick and easy fixes.

It’s simple, yes.

But like any relationship, your relationship with your money takes honesty and commitment. 

My book will guide you through stripping away the lies and limiting beliefs that are tied to your habits... and replacing them with the empowering truths that belong there.

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